How should we run the Café at the Hub?

The Hub has to make a decision how to operate the Café at present we have 2 options:

  1. Franchise the Café and receive rental income
  2. Run the Café ourselves
    • operated by volunteers and supervised by the Hub Management.  
    • This would allow profits generated to support the Hub –funding for facilities, equipment etc.
    • In addition this will provide more flexibility in terms of food pricing, opening hours, food & drink served, theme nights, lunches for seniors, use of kitchen for functions etc.

Can you spare an hour or two each week?
If we run the cafe ourselves Volunteers involvement will be vitally important to ensure the community benefits fully from the cafe.

Volunteer roles would include customer service, washing dishes and preparing the food/drinks. Volunteers would be fully supported in these roles and training would be provided.
We would aim to start small and grow the as Café as business demands.  Starting off with shorter opening hours and extending when there is demand by customers and enough volunteers.
We need to gauge level of interest and support from volunteers in our local community to help run the Café

If you are interested in volunteering can you please send an email to,  call 01241 829214 or drop in at the Hub and chat with Barry Thomson Centre Manager (from 1st Sept)