Learning about Community Gardening

A group of FriockHub volunteers visited  3 Community Gardens  in Dundee (Tayview, Ardler and Ninewells) and met with Kate Treharne who looks after the Community Gardens across the city. 

Kate provided our group with very useful information eg planning the layout, creating raised beds for planting, types of plants that work well in the local area, fundraising etc.

Community gardens provide many benefits to the local community :-

  • Health - growing own produce, cooking the produce and physical benefits of gardening, accessible to all.
  • Learning - how to grow plants,  life cycle of a garden, community education.
  • Social Benefits - a place to meet others, share gardening skills amongst community

If you’d like to get involved with the Community Garden at FriockHub please get in touch.  

Tayview Community Garden (click images to view in lightbox- more info click here

Ninewells Community Garden (click images to view in lightbox - more info click here

Ardler Community Garden  (click images to view in lightbox