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Our local history

Friockheim means 'Heather Home' from the Gaelic 'fraoch' (heather) and the German 'heim' (home). It is pronounced 'free-come'. The birth of the village took place soon after 1814 when Thomas Gardyne of Middleton succeeded his brother as the laird of Friock and feued the land to Mr John Andson of Arbroath. 

John built a flax spinning mill and as proprietor-in-feu, he attracted many textile workers to settle on easy terms. This was first known as ‘Friock feus’. Later Mr Andson's son added the 'heim' part of the name at the request of Flemish weavers who had come to develop the flax spinning process.

Our sports hall has been named Andson Hall.

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Development of Friockheim

The village now has a population of around 800, much lower than its peak of 1,200 in the early 1900s. 

Friockheim has a convenience store, pharmacy, pub and an inn.  There's also a public park, Masonic Lodge, Health Centre and a Primary School. It has its own church, dating from 1835 Friockheim & Kinnell Parish Church and church halls.

Over the years, the village has developed in an unusual triangular shape within the boundaries of the Lunan River, Gardyne Street and the Arbroath to Brechin turnpike. S.G. Baker Ltd. is now the largest employer in the village producing sacks for agriculture and business packaging.

Friockheim also has two 'By Royal Appointment' signs, one for Mike Lingard, the gunsmith who supplies guns to HRH Prince Charles, the other for Davidsons, the pharmacy, whose store at Ballater supplies the Queen’s residence, Balmoral Castle.

Friockheim Public School 1872

Transformation of the Eastgate Primary School

FriockHub will be based in the redundant Eastgate Primary school, located in the heart of the village. The school, dating back to the late 19th century, was the main, all age, village school until the existing primary school was opened in the 1970s.

From that time, it has been used by Angus Council as a resource centre and special needs facility until 2010 when the council declared it surplus to requirements. The building is loved by many Friockheim residents some of whom have attended the school.

The redevelopment of the property retains the existing facade with a new, purpose built extension to the rear.

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